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This is an “online portfolio” of new ideas and resources for youth ministry based on my experience. Enjoy!

About the Author and Youth2Change

Activities for Youth Ministry

When Engineering Meets Dodgeball
Launching Prayers through Sky Lanterns
Pushups for Snack: A Creative Way to Snack
Preparing a Passover for Catholic Youth: Guide, Norms and Resources
A Team-Building Chant: Man of God, Rise Up!
Patron Saints Activity for Christmas
Book Review: No Props-Great Games with No Equipment
Bible Party Quirks – An Impromptu Game for Groups

Teaching Teens to Pray

A New and Effective Tool for Mentoring Teens
A New Way to Teach Teens to Pray on their Own
The 3-Minute Teen Testimony
How to Make your own Mentoring Guidesheets
The Examen Prayer for Teens – Part 1
The Examen Prayer for Teens – Part 2
4D Meditation: Making the Gospels Come Alive

Youth Ministry Theory

Equipping Families to Disciple their Children (New!)
6 Steps to Equipping and Launching Young Apostles
Reverse Mentoring: Tools for Consultation & Feedback
“Choose Your Experience”: Teens Design their own Retreat
Connecting with Teens´ Questions at Camp
Easier Fundraising: How We Used an Online Tool to Fundraise $3K
The 7 Basic Models of Youth Ministry
The 7 Basic Models of Youth Ministry – Part 2
The 7 Basic Models of Youth Ministry – Part 3


ECyD Book: 40 Years of Experience Mentoring Teens
A Prezi Resource: A Renewed Vision of Youth
Must Read for Young Adult Ministry: You Lost Me
Teaching Students to Ask their Own Questions
3 Essential Saint Books