Patron Saints Activity for Christmas

image of Paul viAre you looking for a cool Christmas activity? End of the year activity? In this activity saint cards are distributed randomly to teens. Each saint card displays a saint’s picture, name and virtue for the teen to imitate for the rest of the year. Here you can download FREE saint cards for your own group! Includes new saints: JPII, John 23rd and Bl. Paul VI.

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The Examen Prayer for Teens – Part 2

footprints in the sandIn last month´s blog post I introduced you to the “examen prayer” adapted for teens so that you could use it in your youth ministry, CCD, or home. In this blog I present you with concrete tips, questions and responses for each step of the examen prayer, along with videos that may help.

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The Examen Prayer for Teens – Part 1

Examen Prayer Book Cover by Timothy GallagherThe Prayer of Examen is more than the typical pre-confession conscience exam. It´s really a prayer, described by St. Ignatius as a key to the spiritual life, that moves from thanksgiving and petition to review, repentance and a resolution. In this blog I explain what it is, and how you can use it with teens in youth ministry, retreats, camps and even at home with your children.

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Teaching Students to Ask their Own Questions

make-just-one-change-book coverConnecting with students, and teens in specific, is always a challenge for anyone. Here is a book that proposes a unique and simple technique which could change all this. It´s all about the art and benefit of teaching students to ask their own questions. It is especially helpful in a classroom setting, though applications abound. Enjoy!

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Book Review: 3 Essential Saint Books

ablaze teenager saintsWhether they realize it or not, teens imitate others on how to live their life. So it’s essential to tell teens about the lives of exemplary and holy men and women: the saints. But I’ve always striven to tell them about YOUNG saints, teenagers just like them. This post is a review of three books that contain a unique collection of brief life stories of YOUNG saints.
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How to Make Your Own Mentoring Guidesheets

girls group discussion

A “mentoring guidesheet” is a one-page, theme-centered, creative questionnaire that teens first fill out and subsequently use to guide their conversation in one-on-one mentoring or group discussions. This article explains how to make them.

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Connecting with Teens’ Questions at Camp

?????????????????????????????????Have you ever given a talk or prepared an activity that does not really engage your teen audience? Have you ever felt that your teens at camp (or at home!) are not interested in what you have to say to them? It may be that you are simply not connecting with what those teens are looking for, and need. This blog post is about an idea that helped me connect with my teens at camp: helping teens to ask questions. Continue reading

Preparing a Passover for Catholic Youth: Guide, Norms and Resources

Seder Meal TableWhat if we could help young people understand the roots of the Mass through an experience of the Passover Seder meal? In this article: my experience, some Church guidelines, a booklet guide to download and use, and related practical ideas.

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“Choose Your Experience”: Teens Design their own Lenten Retreat

Lenten Retreat Flyer 2012

What if we let teens design their own retreat? Would this engage them more? This is my experience of helping teens choose their experiences so as to live out a great Lenten retreat. Included are tips and downloads for your own retreats.

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