Dcn Lucio’s Priestly Ordination

You’re invited to

the priestly ordination of

Dcn Lucio Boccacci,

at the Basilica of St. John Lateran,

on Saturday,

Dec. 10, 2016,

at 10:30 am.


Friday, dec 9:

Pre-Ordination Event
For friends and family
Time: 4-6pm
At Regina Apostolorum
Via degli Aldobrandeschi, 190 – 00163 Roma

Click here for directions with Google Maps

  • There are two pre-ordination events, one in English and one in Spanish.
  • The family members of the future priests are invited to attend a pre-ordination event where they will be able to: get to know other families of future priests, listen to an explanation of the ordination rite, and spend time in prayer for their son.
  • There will be some time for adoration and confessions.
  • Some light snacks should be available.
  • I will be finishing up my 8-day silent retreat, so I won’t be able to see you until after the ordination Mass on Saturday.
  • Friends are welcome to attend as well.
  • If you’re using the train, make sure you stop at Stazione Roma Aurelia. You can get there from Stazione S. Pietro, or any Rome train station.

Saturday, dec 10:

Ordination Mass
For family and friends
10:30 am
At the Basilica of St. John Lateran
Click here for directions with Google Maps

  • You can arrive at the Basilica using Rome’s metro system. Click here to learn all about Rome’s metro system.  Your stop will be “S. Giovanni” on the red/orange Line A. 
  • Because of security measures and first come, first served, seating arrangements, I highly recommend arriving at the Basilica as early as 7:30am. Calculate your transportation accordingly.
  • Be aware there are different seating sections for parents, immediate family, extended family, and friends. Once you reserve a seat with your coats, etc, you’re much more free to walk around the basilica. I also recommend sitting comfortably in front of a large screen, since you may not be able to see the entire ceremony.
  • Eat breakfast early, and/or bring a small snack to the Basilica since you might get hungry (don’t forget about the 1-hour communion fast).
  • It might be as cold in the Basilica as it is outside, but w/o wind chill. So dress warm!
  • Right after Mass, I will come out to greet all my family and friends, as well as acquaintances and fellow Legionaries. This is a great moment for pictures! Just wait after Mass until the priests come out. They usually try to find their own parents first. 
  • If you have questions, please email me at lucioboccacci@gmail.com.
    • From Dec 1 to Dec 10, please email questions to my helper, Br Antonio Lemos, at alemos@legionaries.org.

Post-Ordination Lunch
Only for immediate family.
From after the ordination Mass until about 5pm.
At the Legion of Christ Seminary
Via degli Aldobrandeschi, 190 – 00163 Roma
Click here for directions with Google Maps  
Notes: Unfortunately, there is only enough space in our seminary for immediate families. Friends and family are welcome to join up with me for dinner in the evening.

Post-Ordination Dinner
For all family and friends.
In the evening, time 7PM.
At a convent right next door to St. Peter’s Basilica!
Casa Santo Spirito – Borgo S. Spirito, 41 – 00193 Roma
Casa Santo Spirito Website
Click here for directions with Google Maps.
Notes: Please make sure that you contact Deacon Lucio at lucioboccacci@gmail.com or Fr Kevin McKenzie at kmckenzie@legionaries.org to reserve your spot. This will be a meal provided by the sisters of the convent. It’s very close to the Vatican (just East of the entrance between the arms of the walls on Borgo Spirito Road). After dinner, you’re welcome to hang out a bit with Deacon Lucio until it’s time to go to bed!

Sunday, Dec 11

Fr. Lucio’s First Mass
For family and friends.
At the Crypt of St. Cecilia’s in Trastevere
Piazza di Santa Cecilia, 22, 00153 Roma
Click here for directions with Google Maps.

  • This will be my first Mass! (if you don’t count the ordination Mass)
  • It’s not easy to get to Trastevere, so make sure you calculate your transportation well.
    • 1. First take the train: 
      • You want to arrive at the “Roma Trastevere” train station.
        • It’s best to leave from the “Roma S. Pietro” train station, on the 10:43 am train. You will arrive late if you take the 11:13 am train.
        • From the Legionary seminary, you will want to depart from the “Roma Aurelia” train station, on the 10:20 am train.
        • Click here for train schedules: Treinitalia. 
        • Click here to download the train schedules:
    • 2. Then take the bus:
      • From the Roma Trastevere station, you can take bus line 8 (“Venezia normale“) to the “Trastevere-Mastai” stop (the 4th stop). A new bus comes every 5-10 minutes. 
        • From “Trastevere Mastai”, walk northeast on “Viale di Trastevere” and after almost 100 yards turn right on “Via dei Genovesi” (also called “Via Giulio Cesare Santini), and right again at “Via Vascellari” (also called “Via di Santa Cecilia”. Keep walking until you see it on your right!
        • Click here for bus schedules: Roma ATAC.
        • Click here for a street map of St Cecilia Basilica.
  • Walking option: If you’d like to walk from St Peter’s, it’ll take you about 45 minutes. You can walk by the river Tiber. It’s easy to look up directions on Google: from “Vatican” to “Santa Cecilia in Trastevere, Roma”.
  • You will have free entrance to the crypt of St. Cecilia’s, since usually they charge. This is where this early Christian martyr was buried.
  • My homily will be in English (and maybe with a very brief summary in Spanish at the end since some of my extended family members don’t speak English). I will celebrate Mass in English.

Post-Mass Lunch
For family and friends.
Right after my first Mass,
At a restaurant in Trastevere.
Notes: We’re going to go to a restaurant walking distance from St. Cecilia’s. There are tons of restaurants, and I have a good one in mind, but I’ll choose one on the spot.

Tour of Trastevere
For family and friends
Afternoon, after lunch.
Notes: Fr Kevin McKenzie does a great job with tours around Rome. He will show us around Trastevere, the first Christian neighborhood in Rome!

Monday, Dec 12

Tour of Vatican Museum & St Peter’s Basilica
For family and friends.
Time 9:30am
Meet at the entrance of the Vatican Museums.
Viale Vaticano, 00165 Roma
Click here for Google Maps directions.
Notes: We will go through the immense Vatican Museums, finish the exhibits with the Sistine Chapel, and then tour St Peter’s. It’s a straight tour from the entrance to St Peter’s!

TBD Post-Tour Lunch
For all family and friends.
After the tour; 1-2pm.
At “Maria’s”, a family-owned Italian restaurant.
Via Santamaura, 5, 00192 Roma
Click here for directions with Google Maps.
Notes: Reservation TBD, so note I might have to move it to another day. This is a wonderful, family-owned Italian restaurant, where you will surely get a spontaneous and warm Italian welcome! It’s very close to the Vatican (just North of the walls). After dinner, everyone is invited to Old Bridge for ice cream.

Special Evening Mass with the Pope
on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
For family and friends
At St Peter’s Basilica
Evening, time TBD

  • I will be concelebrating with a lot of priests. It’s a beautiful Mass, celebrated inside of St Peter’s Basilica. It’s your only chance to attend Mass with the Pope!
  • I hope to get tickets for all family and friends. Tickets are free. 
  • Make sure to arrive at least 2 hours early due to security and first come, first served seats.

Tuesday, dec 13

Scavi Tour under St Peter’s Basilica
For family and friends.
English and Spanish language available.
My family and I will attend at 9:15 am.
Click here for information from the Vatican and how to sign up.
Click here for EASY steps to sign up for the Scavi Tour.
Notes: We have to sign up a few months in advance for this; preferably early August. We can form an English group and a Spanish group. There’s a whole Roman “city” under the Vatican, and few people know about it! This tour takes you down into the former necropolis, upon which the original basilica of St Peter was built. This is where the remains of St Peter’s were found. 


Wednesday, dec 14-15

Papal Audience with Pope Francis
For family and friends.
At St Peter’s Square
Notes: I’m requesting tickets for family and friends. The entrance is free. You can also get tickets from the Swiss guards the prior evening. 

Trip to Cerageto, Italy, via Assisi, on the 14th
For family only.
Notes: My family and I will be renting a car and traveling to see our relatives up north in Tuscany. I won’t be able to spend time with friends during these days.

Mass in Cerageto
Morning of 15th

Return to Rome in the afternoon.

 SATURDAY, dec 17

Return to the United States.

By the way, I’m writing a series of “quick” books on the childhood and adolescent years of Jesus. This is a product of three years of theology: