Word Winks: Visual Verbal Riddles for Kids

hand_in_handWhen I’m visiting a family at their home I like to spend some time telling riddles to the kids. It’s a nice way to build friendship and to get them involved in what may otherwise seem like a boring adult conversation. This time, however, while visiting a family I was presented with a book the kids enjoyed going through called “Word Winks”. So what’s a “word wink”? I quickly found out that it’s a visual kind of riddle.

The middle school girl in the family opened the book to a page. On the page were six boxes, and in each box there were various words in different positions and fonts and design. She pointed to a box and said, “this means ‘hand in hand’, do you get it?” 


I looked at it for a few seconds, and then it made sense! When I nodded, she then pointed to another box and asked me to tell her what phrase or idiom that box represented. After some time, I got it, and she continued to quiz me on the boxes. It turned out to be a fun evening with the kids!

So this is a very simple blog post on a very simple tool that parents, teachers and any youth mentor could use. It’s great for team competitions at camp and free times, classroom activities, and simply family fun that also challenges kids to think “out of the box”!

Below I have posted two pages from the book “Word Winks: Over 300 Visual Verbal Puzzles” by MindWare. Click on the links below to download them.

 Word Winks pg7

Word Winks pg48

The book can be bought at www.mindware.com. MindWare has all kinds of brainy toys and games for various age categories that parents, teachers and youth mentors might want to check out!

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