Easy Steps to Sign up for Scavi Tour

Dcn Lucio’s Easy Instructions to Sign up for Scavi Tour:

I’ve copied my reservation email for Scavi. It will make it easier for you to sign up for the Scavi tour…

1. copy and paste the sample email below to a new email;
2. modify all the information in bold to fit your group;
3. send it to scavi@fsp.va;
4. wait for a reply within 48 hours with instructions on how to pay. When you get the reply, click on the link, and follow instructions to pay.
5. before your visit, click on this link for relevant information: Vatican scavi link. (ex: what to bring, dress, etc..)


SUBJECT HEADING: please reserve 3 persons for Scavi


I would like to reserve 3 persons for the Scavi tour:

A) Exact number of participants:

B) Names of participants:
Lucio Boccacci, Liliana Boccacci, Tomas Boccacci

C) Language requested:

D) Possible dates *when the Excavations Office can assign your visit (the time will be determined by the Office). *please always write in full the name of the month (e.g.: from 01 January 2013 to 08 January 2013)

13 December 2016 (morning, 9:15am)

also possible:
14 December 2016 (morning)
15 December 2016 (morning)

E) E-mail address, or fax number, or a complete postal address:

Thank you, sincerely,
Deacon Lucio Boccacci